This grand event, Brazilian Day in New York, is celebrating its 34th anniversary. Brazilian Day in New York is on Sunday, September 2rd. This celebration of the Brazilian Culture takes place in the heart of Little Brazil, West 46th. Street. Every year Brazilian Day in New York takes over 25 blocks, all surrounding Little Brazil.

The festival started with the purpose of celebrating Brazilís Independence Day here in New York. That small celebration started in 1984 by Joao DeMatos, the founder of Brazilian Day in New York. The first few festivals attracted a couple hundred people. But boy has it grown since then! It now attracts over 1.5 million. This is according to official information from NYPD for Brazilian Day 2013.
People come from as close as Long Island and New Jersey to as far as Japan and Africa! Brazilian Day in New York also attracts a diverse group. People come from all over the world and the United States! They all share the same special bond of loving and celebrating the beautiful Brazilian Culture. To get to the festival some travel in groups or ìcaravansî, some commute by bus, some fly in, and others will drive hundreds of miles to be there. No one wants to be left out of this party, which is now considered the worldís biggest Brazilian event outside Brazil and one of the greatest ethnic events in the Big Apple.
The organizers of Brazilian Day in New York are Joao DeMatos, the founder and producer of Brazilian Day in New York, The Brasilians Newspaper, and TV Globo International. This year the team is expecting a record number of participants for the 30th celebration. There are no precise estimates of how many Brazilians are currently living in the United States. However, the Brazil Information Center (BIC), a non-profit poll organization based out of Washington, D.C., estimates that there are over 1 million Brazilians throughout the entire country. Of those, 300 thousand live in the three-state area of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. The NGO also estimates that 100 thousand Brazilians live in the borough of Queens, New York. Ironically, Queens, New York happens to be the most diverse area IN THE WORLD!
The Brazilian Day in New York festival is not your typical celebration! It has become an opportunity to reach out to the Brazilian community in the United States. On that one very special day, Brazilians from far and wide get together from different parts of the world, many coming from Brazil just to attend the festival. They show their pride and love for their culture. A culture that is so rich in life, music, good food, good friends and good times! They have a chance, for one day, to truly celebrate Brazil while being so far away from home. One day to color New York City Green and Yellow with Brazilian Pride!! We hope to see you there!!